Friday, 1 December 2017

New beginnings!

After a year of waiting and over 18 months of research, Aggie the Vizsla has finally come home! My future running dog is already (after only 3 weeks) a much loved member of our family.  Having a puppy is very much like having a baby, I had forgotten about sleep deprivation and having to have eyes in the back of my head but I wouldn't change her for the world!  

For now I am working on the basic commands and will be trying to tailor her training towards canicross and running with my bike in the future.  Vizslas need 12-15 months to develop and grow before being allowed to run with humans so I will be blogging about both of these sports in future posts in more detail so watch this space.  

Another new development for me is the creation of my new RunTogether group.  

"RunTogether has been created by England Athletics, the membership and development body for grassroots athletics and running in England, to provide fun, friendly, supportive and inclusive running opportunities for everyone in England".  

Anybody with a running qualification such as the Leader in Run Fitness or Coach in Running Fitness can become a RunTogether Leader.  I have my Fell LiRF qualification so it was a no brainer to join this movement to help and support me in the process of helping new runners find their feet.  

From January I will be starting a 10 week course aimed at new or returning runners to get from 0-5km with the eventual milestone of running Lyme Park parkrun.  Anyone interested in joining me can sign up here.

My hip is finally better and I am running 10km pain free so I am delighted to be able to share my passion for running again!  

Happy Running!

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