Monday, 21 March 2016

Neighathlon - is that a thing?

The view from Taxal Edge
Well it's over a week since my last post so I thought an update was in order!

This week I have done quite well for mixing running and biking, with a 10k fell run on Tuesday, to test my new trail shoes, a short MTB Wednesday where I discovered my front brake wasn't working (oh the irony, one bikes brakes are too good, the others are knackered! - fortunately this time it didn't end in disaster as I realised very soon into my ride! Plus, my rear brakes are pretty much new, which helped) so I had to detour once again to The Bike Factory! Surely I'm their best customer by now!
Still a bit of snow on the tops

Thursday saw the "big ride" with Caz and Katie to build confidence on Ladybird (my road bike) which was eventful in a good way with cattle grids - yikes! - More braking problems (change the record Anna) and Friday was a proper multi-discipline day where I rode a horse, a bike and did a run - maybe a new event opportunity - neighathlon anyone?

This weekend, I managed a little tempo run after helping at Whaley Bridge junior parkrun, but I didn't feel up to much as I have a sore throat brewing again.

Here is the Amarok rocking my girls...
March has seen the arrival of a long -awaited VW Amarok, our new caravan tow car - we have been saving and researching and bought some new bike carriers as our old eBay ones were about fifteen quid each and have done thousands of miles so are totally knackered! 

We settled on the Thule 598 Proride, as they are really solid and have handy features such as matched locks for all 4 carriers.  We did learn something new too - Thule is pronounced Ta-Hoo-Ley - who knew?! Its like the Ikea advert all over again! 

Fab foot care range from Mavala
I have been really lucky to have been sent the Mavala foot care range, after I emailed asking about sports products, and shoe care.  I am really looking forward to trying the products - especially the tired leg gel, which I am hoping will ease my bruised leg (which is much better but still a bit lumpy), and the foot bath treatment.  Mavala is an established Swiss company who specialise in nailcare predominantly but have a great range of skincare for eyes, feet, face and hands.  

Not the best photo!
With flash!

Proviz - I have been living in my Reflect 360 outdoor jacket since it arrived in its beautifully wrapped packaging!  I love it. 

I have had loads of interest in it and think its a brilliant product.  I have done everything from the school run to a bike ride to the sailing club and it has performed really well!  

The fit is just right for me, it is fitted enough to be smart and look like a ladies jacket, but not so small that it is tight.  I went for a size 10 and find I can wear a vest top and thick jumper underneath it comfortably.  For running, I would wear a long sleeved base layer only underneath to stop overheating.  

The jacket isn't breathable but is very well vented with pockets and mesh lining.  It is exceptionally wind proof and waterproof with taped seams and zips and comfortable "zip garages" to stop them rubbing.  At night the jacket comes into its own, I think the white glow it takes on is actually a really cool look!  It is a great safety jacket for dog walking, going out to the pub or just about anything really!  

The run range from Proviz looks excellent too, with contoured panels and run-specific features.  I would recommend this jacket and the Proviz brand to anyone - the attention to detail is second to none in my opinion.  
Whey to go!

I mentioned in my last blog post that I have been sent the Diet whey from Natures Best - which I am yet to try (need to up the exertion levels first!) but I must mention another Aldi bargain which I have bought to go with it  - a pink shaker bottle complete with little metal shaker ball and mesh strainer top.  I think for £2.99 I will not hold my breath but I do love a bargain!

Very clean Rocites
I tested my new Inov-8 Roclite 280 (AW 15's) as I said above, by running the Whaley Waltz route in them - a varied terrain with a bit of everything, road, fell, trail and river (I didn't do that section funnily enough!).  I have been a fan of Inov-8 since getting some Mudclaws last Easter, and these don't disappoint either.  The upper seems much thinner in comparison to the Mudclaws which helps with the breathability and weight of the shoe - they are so light! but I'm not sure how long they will last, so time will tell.  As far as fit is concerned they are very roomy in the toe box, which caused a bit of a rub on my big toe, I will need a thick sock and vaseline in them until my feet get used to them.  I think they are much more cushioned on the harder surfaces but need to try an extended run along the canal or similar to really test them.  

Roclites and HH tights
I also bought the Inov-8 Base Elite top in black for the bargain price of £14.99 from - I found the small is a size 8, so a bit snug for me but passable for an undergarment.  Both times I have worn it I have been really warm, the only downside being the cuffs are tight so I can't roll my sleeves up which is a bit annoying as I always roll my sleeves up in my Helly Hansen baselayer top.

My friend Caz (my running Oracle) supplies the Goyt Valley Striders Kit through her (and her husband Tony's) company- a&c workwear and she has been kind enough to give me a hoodie to wear - its gorgeous!  So soft and warm, I have had lots of non runners say they like it - another ploy to get people to start running - join the Striders and buy a hoodie! I am going to test out a new race vest for them and hopefully get some kit with my blog address on the back so anyone who sees me at races can see the race reviews from a midfield perspective!  Check out the a&c workwear facebook page for all your team embroidery needs!

Looking forward, this week will be all about doing whatever training I can, as we are going away for Easter so there's much to do and the children break up on Thursday so my week is thrown out of kilter.

Over the Easter weekend Team Aspinall will be competing in the Dee Sailing Club UKIDA GP1 Open meeting.  Mr A and I will be dusting off our drysuits and (with my current form - trying not to drown) battling it out on the Dee estuary to get a half decent result in the event.  I will report on our progress after our Easter holiday in the Lakes!

I'm planning on running up the Old Man of Coniston again, which I am looking forward to.

When we return home there will be a week left of school holidays so I am hoping to try a turbo trainer out.  I will update on progress with that on my return.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fabulously active Easter (to work off the eggs) and look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to!

Happy Easter and Happy Running!

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